The Da Vinci BodyBoard was featured in a Joy Bauer segment “What’s Hot in Health” on NBC’s TODAY Show. Click here to see the segment.

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natThe Da Vinci BodyBoard is your today.

Nat Bardonnet, Trainer to Halle Barry, thinks the Da Vinci BodyBoard is the best new fitness system she’s ever tried!


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Floery Mahoney is a life-long avid fitness person.

Floery opened the first Pilates studio in Vermont, has run marathons, practiced yoga, and experimented with boot camps. Not much of a gym person but looking for a fitness routine to accommodate her busy lifestyle, Floery began piecing together an in-home exercise regime using fitness tubes tied to furniture legs around the house.

Our bodies don’t recognize exercise instinctually. The body interprets long, draining workouts as a struggle to find food so it tries to get rid of muscles and hold onto fat. These long duration workouts also send the stress hormone Cortisol to the cardiovascular system which can be damaging over time. Instead, the Da Vinci BodyBoard offers short intense workouts that feed your muscles and get rid of fat by sending the body the message that it can get food quickly and efficiently. Smart Fitness! Your body starts to work for you!