Folding BodyBoard Special Price: $398

Baltic birch wooden platform on stainless steel hinged framework with protective footings

  • 2-sets of latex fitness tubing (reg. & adv.)
  • 1-set of aerobic dance bands
  • 1-set of padded handles
  • 1-set of neoprene adjustable ankle straps
  • BodyBoard mat
  • Exclusive access to online instructional workout routines.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


BODYBOARD DISCOUNT: Participants of the Certification Course will receive 25% off the regular retail price of $395 for the BodyBoard  (Contact us at Customer Service for the special Voucher code once you’ve enrolled in the Course).

VOLUME DISCOUNTS: Commercial Fitness Clubs/Gyms & Studios will receive discount pricing on orders of 5+ BodyBoards.  Please contact us at Customer Service for further details.

  • The BodyBoard measures 96″ x 22″ x 1” high
  • Ships/stores at 96″ x 22″ x 1″ high
  • 4 fitness tubes 6mm x 9mm x 120cm (regular)
  • 4 fitness tubes 7mm x 10mm x 120cm (advanced)
  • 2 aerobic dance bands 0.20mm x 108″ x 4″
  • BodyBoard mat 84″ x 22″ x 1/4″.