See what people who’ve already tried the BODYBOARD are saying:

“I have been doing Pilates and Barre for many years and was just introduced to the DaVinci BodyBoard.  I found the method to be an amazing new challenge for my body – I love the exercises and the way the board incorporates resistance from both ends by using bands. Plus, it’s so much FUN!”

Laura S., owner All Wellness, Burlington, VT

“This workout is one of the most complete I have ever done! It incorporates strength training with interval training, and the cardio blast I get with the band dancing sends me into my day with increased energy and a rush of endorphins! The way the movements and board is designed, I am forced to use a lot of my muscles together and in ways that I don’t normally.  Subsequently, I feel like I have an edge on other programs that only do repetitive movements, or focus on one area. The structure of this system also allows me to initiate my strengthening and toning from my core, greatly reducing injury.  In my first week, I have already noticed a dramatic increase in my strength and stamina. My 18-year-old son who is an Internationally sponsored skier, and strong beyond description, has been able to easily tailor the workout to meet his needs as well. It’s a system that makes sense, is versatile, and gets the job done!”

Cynthia B.

“Love the DaVinci BodyBoard!  The counter resistance of the bands makes sense in my body. I felt challenged and worked in ways that I haven’t been before.  The band dancing is a low impact fun way to get in cardio and I loved it, and I officially don’t usually like cardio!”

Lissy W., RN

“After just 20 minutes I could feel almost every muscle of my body!!!  A great way to have that complete daily workout especially for those with limited time in their schedules. Loved it, what a clever invention!”

Emily B., Pilates Instructor

“The BodyBoard uses your muscles like no other exercise – it’s intense but quick.  An added bonus, band dancing is so much fun!”

Hermine F.

“I teach both mat and reformer Pilates as well as Barre, I thought I was in shape but after using the body board for 10 minutes I was sweating and already sore.  It was truly humbling to be so challenged and engaged.”

Susannah S.,Pilates & Barre Instructor

“The BodyBoard is an amazing addition to my home yoga practice.  It is fun and allows for endless creative additions to an already established practice.  Best of all, after ten years of practicing yoga, I am sore in muscles I never knew I had! “

Jessica W, MD

I thank you for delivering the amazing Da Vinci BodyBoard yesterday. Wow! I am weak and need to go slowly but am determined to continue. Wade and I LOVE the board. He is davinciing at the moment and I will when I return from a walk with my boys.
This board is going to be a total success!

Marcy W.

We especially love using the board as a mix of rowing and Pilates movements — a mix generally unheard of in fitness equipment.”

~ Girls Gone Sporty

“The Da Vinci BodyBoard is a fabulous new fitness tool that uses opposing-tension bands to maintain constant resistance during exercise.”

Melanie Brandman

“almost anyone can find a way to use [the Da Vinci BodyBoard] if they try.”

Ashley, Snow Cream and Syrup

“[Other ways to use the BodyBoard] is where the product really shines. I will honestly say it kicked by butt and I gave up early! There is a lot of potential outside of the prescribed workouts. “

Ashley, Snow Cream and Syrup

“it’s very simple and fun to use”

Ashley, Snow Cream and Syrup

“I found everyone I interacted with to be very pleasant and enthused about their product, which is always a good sign if you’re looking to purchase something.”

Ashley, Snow Cream and Syrup

“Floery is also a great instructor – she’s not a stereotypical fitness class instructor (yelling with a smile!), but much more laid back and friendly. Like a real person!”

Ashley, Snow Cream and Syrup

“I see a solid place for the BodyBoard in my gym.”

Ashley, Snow Cream and Syrup

If you’re looking for a full-body workout you can do at home that gives you both cardio and strength training in one, this could be your BodyBoard. Those who dig Pilates and dance will really dig it!

Margo, FitBottomGirls