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About Us


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Floery Mahoney, Da Vinci BodyBoard CEO & Founder and 2018 Tory Burch Foundation  Fellow

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A crazy thing happened when Da Vinci Bodyboard founder, Floery Mahoney, stopped her grueling, daily 90-minute long workouts and started working out for less than 30 minutes; she lost eight pounds in 10 days. 

The trick, she learned, is to work out in the right way. Formally trained in Pilates, Floery began tying resistance bands to her furniture to create a high intensity, resistance band workout. After three months of experimenting, she designed and built the first Bodyboard. 

Four and a half years later, the Da Vinci BodyBoard program is being taught in gyms and studios all over the world. And it is helping others feel the same way that Floery does—fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever. 



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Da Vinci Body Studio Santa Fe

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The Bodyboard Program


Our Method

  • 30 minutes resistance band training that utilizes calisthenic movements
  • Multiple anchor points allow for an endless variety of exercises
  • Combines strength training, cardio and muscle lengthening
  • Reaches the smaller muscles and ligaments creating full-body integrity
  • Can be applied to any fitness model – Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Boot Camps
  • Perfect to increase functional daily or sports activity/movement
  • Great for all fitness levels
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Resistance Band Training

  • Increases muscle strength
  • Increases muscle tone and size
  • Decreases body fat percentage
  • Aides injury prevention
  • Works small and large muscle groups in one movement
  • Increases range of motion and functional movement
  • Balances the body

Physical Therapy

  • The BodyBoard is the perfect tool for rehabilitation purposes. Resistance bands are a protective way to build up strength and flexibility, while maintaining sensitivity to any injury
  • Typically, the recovery work for an injury is isolated to that area while allowing the rest of your body to deplete; but the Bodyboard design allows your whole body to be engaged while still modifying as needed, so your road to recovery is quicker, and creates a fully balanced, healthy body
  • No other product aids in the recovery process like the Bodyboard, and then seamlessly transition into something that kicks your butt once you're fully healed