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"The Da Vinci BodyBoard combines all the things I love about fitness into one simple, yet complex, workout. I fell in love with the concept of it. It’s yoga, it’s strength training, it’s stretching; plus it’s like being a kid again—it’s so fun."

- Theresa, Studio Owner in Colorado


Location: Foco Da Vinci Body Studio, Fort Collins, Colorado


"Da Vinci BodyBoard is the best investment I’ve ever made. My classes are booked, and I am able to make a great living and be a full-time mom!" –Kristina, Studio Owner in Florida


“Calling all exercise junkies looking for the most fun and unique 30-minute workout yet!  Our small operation that we started with just a few boards in our house has transformed into a full time career and we are growing by the second. Thank you to Floery and the DVBB team for guiding us towards our future success!”         - Susan, Studio Owner in Chicago


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ORIGINAL and patented fitness equipment and programming


 A LICENSING AGREEMENT, not a franchise (we want every studio to have it's own style!)

A LOW COST & LOW MAINTENANCE INVESTMENT compared to similar boutique fitness studios

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